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Django Volt Dashboard - Free Dashboard built with Django 3.2.0 LTS

Hello Coders!

This (short) article presents an open-source Django Dashboard updated to use the latest version of Django, a leading web framework written in Python. The product can be downloaded directly from Github and used for hobby & commercial products bases on the permissive (MIT) License. Codebase comes with a few simple features like authentication, database, intuitive codebase and Docker support for an easier deployment in production.

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Django Volt Dashboard - Simple Dashboard built with Django 3.2.0 LTS.

Product Features:

Volt Dashboard is a free and open source Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard featuring over 100 components, 11 example pages and 3 plugins with Vanilla JS. There are more than 100 free Bootstrap 5 components included some of them being buttons, alerts, modals, datepickers.

  • 100+ Components: buttons, alerts, modals, datepickers
  • 11 Example Pages: Dashboard, SignIN, SignUO, Transactions page
  • Vanilla JS - no more jQuery dependency
  • Django Codebase:
    • Latest Dependencies (including Django 3.2.6)
    • Docker over Nginx, Gunicorn production-ready stack
    • Simple, intuitive codebase
    • SASS to CSS compilation scripts via gulp
    • Authentication, Forms validation, SQLite persistence

Django Volt - Widgets Page

Django Volt Dashboard - Widgets Page.

Django Volt - User Profile

Django Volt Dashboard - Widgets Page.

The easiest way to start using the product is to use the Docker set up. Here are the steps:

Step #1 - Download and UNZIP the product

$ unzip
$ cd django-dashboard-volt
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Step #2 - Start the product using Docker

$ docker-compose pull ; docker-compose build ; docker-compose up
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If required, run under sudo the above command for Linux-based systems.

Once the app is running on http://localhost:85 we can register a new user and authenticate (project has no default user, we need to create one).

Django Volt Login page

Django Volt Dashboard - Login Page.

For complete information please access the official docs available on the product page or ask for support in Discord.

Thanks for reading! For more resources please access:

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uithemes profile image

Just tested the Docker scripts. Works like a charm.
Any chance to include a social login?

sm0ke profile image

Ye, this feature is coming soon.
In case you have the time, here is the product roadmap:

  • [Done] Updated dependencies
  • [Done] Pythonic Footprint
  • Improved Authentication: Extended user model, Password reset, Email confirmation on register
  • API via DRF
  • Data Tables - manages paginated information
  • Sample Charts
  • Social Login via Google and Github
  • Deployment: Docker, HEROKU, AWS Ec2, Google Cloud
  • Payments: One-time payments via Stripe Checkout


sx profile image

I would probably even buy if PaddleHQ was used for payments

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sm0ke profile image
Sm0ke • Edited

Hello Sergey,
We have a roadmap here

Stripe is scheduled (Step 9), feel free to comment and suggest Paddle. If the community reacts positively, we will add it for sure.


uithemes profile image

That's really nice ..

Thread Thread
sm0ke profile image


crearesite profile image

Useful update. Ty!