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Flask Stripe Sample - Open-Source, simple eCommerce APP

Hello Coders!

This article presents an open-source codebase that provides simple eCommerce features powered by Flask and Stripe. The products are loaded from JSON files (no database) and all related pages and cards are generated during the runtime. This codebase can be used to bootstrap fast a minimal eCommerce or simply for eLearning activities that involve Flask and Stripe. For newcomers, Flask is a popular web framework and Stripe is a leading payment gateway widely used in eCommerce projects.

Thanks for reading!

✨ How it works

Once the Flask source code is downloaded and compiled we need to set up the environment to bind correctly the app with the Stripe platform.

The .env.sample should be renamed to .env and edited to provide valid Stripe Credentials:

  • Edit STRIPE_SECRET_KEY - provided by Stripe Platform
  • Edit STRIPE_PUBLISHABLE_KEY - provided by Stripe Platform

The app comes with product samples defined in the templates directory. During the runtime, Flask scans the directory, generates the pages, and publishes all discovered products. Let's take a look at a real sample: Air Zoom Pegasus:

JSON File - saved in the templates directory

    "name": "Air ZOOM Pegasus",
    "price": 499,
    "currency": "usd",
    "info": "Men's Road Running Shoes",
    "short_description": "A workhorse built to help power you through every mile of the race.",
    "full_description": "A workhorse built to help power you through every mile of the race, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Ekiden continues to put a spring in your step, using the same responsive foam as its predecessor. Mesh in the upper combines the comfort and durability you want with a fit that nods back to the classic Peg."
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Media Files: Product card and Cover Image:

Flask Stripe App - Product Media Files

The app detects all this information and builds the pages as shown in this GIF animated presentation:

Flask Stripe App - Product Sale.

To complete the payment, make sure your Stripe account runs in the TEST mode. For a successful payment a test CC provided by Stripe can be used:

  • CC Number: 4242 4242 4242 4242
  • Any data for the rest of the fields

Flask Stripe App - Payment Page

Stripe and Flask App - Payment Confirmation page

Flask Stripe App - Confirmation Page

Thanks for reading! For more resources feel free to access:

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Is there anyone have tried this one in PythonAnywhereplatform? I need your docs please.

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Hello! Noted your case.

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This is really nice.

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Thanks for sharing. The UI looks nice

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wes fedy

hi sm0ke , i have a simple question would you mind contacting me ?
thank you for your time
@discord : xdrjokerxx#7075
@telegram : API_INTRUDER
@email :

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Invitation sent

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Kemboi Duncan

Just what I was looking for ..this is awesome.

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