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React Tailwind - Free Dashboards

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Hello Coders,

This article presents a curated list with open-source React Dashboards styled with Tailwind CSS. For newcomers, React is a popular library for coding UI interfaces from Facebook. All products can be downloaded from Github and used without a registration lock for unlimited hobby & commercial products. This is an open list, feel free to suggest more dashboards in the comments.

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Notus React

This open-source product is provided by Creative-Tim, a well-known agency and UI Kits provider. Notus React is built with over frontend 100 individual components, giving you the freedom to choose and combine.

If you want to get inspiration or just show something directly to your clients, you can jump-start your development with our pre-built example pages. You will be able to quickly set up the basic structure for your web project.

React Tailwind Dashboard - Notus.

You will save a lot of time going from prototyping to full-functional code because all elements are implemented. This Free Tailwind CSS and React Template is coming with prebuilt examples, so the development process is seamless, switching from our pages to the real website is very easy to be done.

Notus Components - Styled with Tailwind CSS.

Notus - User Profile Page.


Windmill Dashboard comes with a blazing fast UI styled with Tailwind, PWA support, and integrations for Charts.js and Heroicons.

  • 🦮 Throughly accessible (developed using screen readers)
  • 🌗 Dark theme enabled (load even different images based on theme)
  • 🧩 Multiple (custom) components
  • ⚡ Code splitting


UI Kit - Windmill Dashboard React is built on top of Windmill React UI - open-source component library based on Tailwind CSS.

Accessibility-first - the product was developed listening to real screen readers, focus traps and keyboard navigation are available everywhere.

Tailwind Cards - Windmill Dashboard.

Mosaic Lite

Responsive dashboard template built on top of Tailwind CSS and fully coded in React. It comes with several pre-coded charts (built with Chart.js 3) and widgets, and it's a great starting for anyone who wants to create a user interface for SaaS products, administrator dashboards, modern web apps, and more.

Mosaic Lite - Open-source React Dashboard.

Mosaic Lite - Widgets styled with Tailwind.

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Really nice!
Notus looks vintage and new in the same time.

crearesite profile image

Windmill is the only one with dark mode.
Thanks for sharing.

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