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Some Awesome APIs for your next project

Some Awesome APIs for your next project

Several free web APIs are available to connect to your mobile app, web app, or website to add compelling functionality.

A web API is an application programming interface that may be accessed through the internet using web-specific protocols.

Here are nine APIs to create some fantastic projects:

1. The CheapShark API

CheapShark is a service that monitors the pricing of PC games on sites such as Amazon, Steam, and GamersGate and displays the best discounts to customers. Users may check for top bargains, search for the lowest price on a specific game, sign up for notifications, or browse what’s available on the site. Developers may use the CheapShark API to incorporate the site’s pricing data into their websites or apps.

link - CheapShark API

2. The Wit.AI

Turn text or speech into recognizable actions that your app/website can use. is an interface for natural language processing (NLP) that converts natural language (voice or text communications) into structured data. Wit is used by developers because it streamlines creating apps and gadgets with which users can speak. Developers would have to master natural language processing methods without it. That would take too much time if you only wanted to create a simple application.

link - API

3. GrammarBot API

The GrammarBot API offers spelling and grammatical checks to your application. Submit the text, and you’ll get a JSON response with potential issues and suggested fixes.

link - GrammarBot API

4. Rapid API

Based only on APIs, this is a handy tool. It’s more than simply an API directory; it’s also an API marketplace. If you’ve created an API and want to charge others to use it, you can publish it on RapidAPI.

If you only want to utilize APIs, RapidAPI provides an API playground to test an API in several languages! It is pretty beneficial.

link - Rapid API

Thanks for reading!

I hope it motivates you to build more amazing projects, acquire confidence, and grow as a developer!

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