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I Use These Awesome Tools for Writing


Figure 1: Photo by Eugen Str on Unsplash

After several months of writing, I found my favorite tools and workflow.

Here it’s the list; I will update it whenever I found more useful tools.



I’m an Emacs user, and org-mode is an awesome package for writing documents. org-mode can export files to the format of HTML or markdown. I blogging with org2blog, push my post to WordPress conveniently.


My WordPress is hosted on Vultr, Vultr is easy to use and the cost is low enough for beginners.

I also write some Markdown files, and typora is the best markdown editor.

Writing assistant

grammarly is a tool for English writing clear and effective. I use a premium version for checking my typos or any other syntax errors in English writing. Most of the time, it helps for error-free writing, but don’t rely on it too much. This kind of error checking program can not be flawless.

Pictures and illustration

Free images

In most posts, I would like to find a suitable feature picture for my pieces.

unsplash is my favorite. There are thousands of images and pictures created by lots of artists. Most important, according to the license, we can use these resources freely.

pixabay is another similar website that contains free images.

Visualization tools

If I want to draw a diagram, flowchart, or visualize my ideas, I will choose

It contains many professional templates and shapes, and the UI is convenient.


In some scenarios, I also want to draw some features illustrations. I mainly use these illustrations as features covers. is an excellent tool for this task. I use icons8 to create this:


I use to design a logo.

File management

Since I write all my posts with org-mode, all of my posts are stored as plain text files.

I use Dropbox to sync all the files to the remote server so that I could work on multiple devices without any pain.

I also use Git for version control, but I don’t commit every day. Because Dropbox will backup for me at any time.

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Catchase • Edited

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Great share! I've made this tool recently. It generates a funny essays.

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Samy Smith

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Zaynaib (Ola) Giwa

Thanks Nick! I really need this, especially the visualization tool!!!!

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