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3 Must-Have WordPress Tools to Increase Productivity and Sales

If you use WordPress to run your business site, you’ll know two things:

  • WordPress has productivity and sales tools
  • It has a LOT of them

Your site is not a passive piece of advertising. It interacts with customers 24-7, showcasing your brand to customers you may never meet in person and making money while you sleep.

That doesn’t let you off the hook though. You’ve got to set your site up for success by giving it the tools it needs to stand out and deliver a premium customer experience.

These three must-have WordPress tools will help it do exactly that.

1. wpDataTables

Screenshot of wpData Tables Homepage.wpData Tables Homepage

This WordPress table plugin is a bestseller for a reason.

With wpDataTables, you can create cool-looking tables and charts that make data presentation and management easy. Over 30,000 individuals and businesses rely on it to do a clean presentation of their financial, commercial, statistical, and other data.

wpDataTables has a user-friendly interface and clear-cut filtering and sorting options. As an added bonus, you can quickly use your table data to create charts, so if you run a lot of numbers, getting this tool is money well spent.

Here’s an example of wpDataTables in action. Parvesh Benning, CEO of Protect Your Wealth, used it to present a company ratings overview for a comprehensive life insurance guide.

Ratings information for Canadian life insurance companies is cleanly presented in this table generated by wpDataTables.

“We use wpDataTables all the time,” Benning says. “When it comes to presenting detailed information in an easily digestible format, it’s the best tool we’ve come across.”

2. CoSchedule

Image of Coschedule Homepage.

If content creation drives your business, CoSchedule will keep you and your team productive and on-track.

This WordPress plugin has editorial features that help you plan, create, schedule, and share content. They include:

  • Evernote and Google docs integration
  • Workflow management
  • Collaboration
  • Social media scheduling
  • Marketing calendar

With CoSchedule, you can plan everything using a single tool, giving you and your team the time to do what you love, which is putting out quality content that gets results.

3. Zendesk Chat

Image of ZenDesk Chat Homepage.

Zendesk Chat (formerly Zopim Live Chat) is one of the most popular live chat services, and WordPress users can benefit from it thanks to a dedicated plugin.

These stylish chat boxes come in a wide range of fully customizable themes and layouts. The dashboard is full of valuable metrics that let you track chat history, review performances, and get real-time information about visitors. To respond to visitor messages on the go, install the dedicated Android or iPhone app.

Ready to be more productive and sell more?

Competition is fierce- you know that. But these three must-have WordPress tools will improve presentation, streamline your marketing, and simplify client support without sacrificing on quality. You have everything you need to give your business a great look.

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