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Doug Tangren
Doug Tangren

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thoughts on GitHub design updates?

I was curious what folks think about GitHub's design update rollout


I'm a fan of the mobile improvements having spent a considerable amount of time reading code on a phone.

I'm also a fan of surfacing releases on repo pages. I've long wanted a Releases tab in the old UI.

A dark mode would have been nice.

What do y'all think?

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sakshatshinde profile image

I really like the new UI but still waiting for that dark mode :p

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Johan Andersson

Does look nicer overall with the small design changes.

Main thing I'm missing structurally with the new design though is that commit message for the latest commit to the repo no longer shows up, just who did the commit

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Olivier JM Maniraho

I personally like the new fluid UI, there is more details on the repository page like releases, contributors and other details that you don't have to click different places to see, icons also look super great. The new profile page also looks good.
What disturbs me to see is the margins on the sides,

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Alexandre Amado de Castro

Any idea when this new design will arrive for the enterprise?

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Saurabh Sharma • Edited

I went back to previous UI.

Edit: now I cant get back anymore :/

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Swastik Baranwal

The new UI looks good but I didn't like that they removed the actions progress which was on the repo's first page.