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Launching Code Time 2.0 🚀

We’re super excited to announce the launch of the next version of Code Time. Code Time provides automatic time tracking and coding metrics that help you improve—all for free. You can check us out on Product Hunt.

We’ve added tons of new features to help developers level up faster. So, how can you use Code Time to become a better developer?

Level up faster

Here’s what you can do with Code Time 2.0:

💪 Set daily coding goals. We make it easy to track your progress and reach your goals. Set custom code time and code start time goals each day.

Code Time goals

💻 Stay on track. Build your coding profile and track your active code time each day. Not all development tasks—like debugging or reviewing code—require active coding. Code Time now also tracks your total code time, so you can see your total time spent focused in your code editor or IDE each day.

Weekly code time

📅 Protect your code time. Link your Google Calendar to your Software account to visualize your coding sessions and protect code time from meetings.

Protect code time

📊 See all of your stats in your editor. Keep your coding data at your fingertips with the new Code Time panel right in your code editor. You’ll have quick access to your activity metrics like code time, active code time, velocity, and commits—including your daily averages for each.

Code Time editor

📬 Revamped weekly email reports. We’ve redesigned our weekly email reports to send you a summary of your coding activity, top projects, and more—straight to your inbox.

🌙 Sleek new dark theme. Our web app now lets you switch between light and dark themes, so you can check your coding stats with style.

Getting started

Getting started is as easy as installing an extension for your code editor. Code Time works with Visual Studio Code, Atom, IntelliJ, and many other editors and IDEs. You can find your editor here.

It’s totally free to use. Try it out, give us feedback, or see more on Product Hunt.

Have an idea for 3.0? Let us know what you'd like to see next.

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codemouse92 profile image
Jason C. McDonald

I've really been enjoying this tool! I just want to figure out how to make a Team. ;)

diegojeptha profile image

This is awesome!!

sebastiandg7 profile image
Sebastián Duque G

Definitely going to try it!

lymhyp profile image

Amazing looking forward try it 🤓

stephanvs profile image
Stephan van Stekelenburg

This is looking really nice, looking forward to the insight I'll be getting out of it 👍💪