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Angular Library to convert number to words | Angular Tutorial

A simple angularjs based library to convert number to word, it also support multi language that helps to convert any number into different different languages words.

A multi-language number to word converter that converts any number to words in your Angular app.

Supported Languages:

en (English, default)
ar (Arabic)
cz (Czech)
dk (Danish)
de (German)
es (Spanish)
fr (French)
fa (Farsi)
he (Hebrew)
it (Italian)
ko (Korean)
lt (Lithuanian)
lv (Latvian)
nl (Dutch)
no (Norwegian)
pl (Polish)
pt (Portuguese)
ru (Russian)
sr (Serbian)
tr (Turkish)
uk (Ukrainian)
Install via npm. (Alternative)
Now install ngx-num-to-words via:

npm install --save n2words ngx-num-to-words

Import the library
If you installed the library via angular schematics, you can skip this step

import { NgxNumToWordsModule } from 'ngx-num-to-words';


  declarations: [AppComponent, ...],

  imports: [NgxNumToWordsModule, ...], 

  bootstrap: [AppComponent]


export class AppModule {

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Other modules in your application like for lazy loading import NgxNumToWordsModule into your feature module:

Using the service


import { NgxNumToWordsService, SUPPORTED_LANGUAGE } from 'ngx-num-to-words';

numberInWords!: string;


value = 123;

 constructor(private ngxNumToWordsService: NgxNumToWordsService) {


ngOnInit(): void {

    this.numberInWords = this.ngxNumToWordsService.inWords(value, this.lang);

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Using the pipe inWords

<span>{{ 123 | inWords }}</span> // default en language

<span>{{ 123 | inWords:'de' }}</span> // custom language --> german in this case
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