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Become More Productive Working or Learning From Home

Some time ago, I used to find it hard studying or working from home due to various reasons, ranging from lack of motivation to work, distractions, fatigue, and a lot more. However, that changed after I started learning and working with the tips below.


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Having a to-do list changed the way I do things and helped me maximize my time within a short period and in turn, achieve more within a specific amount of time.
Always write down the task you want to keep track of and complete in a day or a given range of time, completing tasks on a to-do list gives off the feeling of achievement. before I started making my to-do list, I was always unorganized and confused about things to do, at the end of the day I always felt like I achieved nothing. To-do list gives you a clear goal in mind of things you want to accomplish and once you accomplish them you feel better than yesterday.
Most people underestimate the power of a to-do list, but my bet is if you start using it you will start to notice changes.
Do not postpone any of the tasks on your to-do list except need be.


Basically, when we are rewarded with something our brains release a neurotransmitter called dopamine that makes us feel amazing.

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Hmm, well for me the todo list still wasn't enough to give me the push and morale I need to get things done within a specific time, so I switched it up a bit and added the reward system to it, tricking my brain to a state of getting a reward which I will decide upon after completing the tasks on the todo list (it could be sleep, food, bath, watching a movie and so on).
When I set out my todo list I deprive my self some of these (sleep, food, bath, watching a movie, hanging out with friends, water for short term todos, and so on). once I set this motion going I trick my brain into believing that when I am done with certain tasks I will be able to get those rewards I have deprived my self of, this always gives me the push and morale I need and thereby allowing me quickly complete tasks I have on me todo list within a shorter period of time.


Note: this might not apply to all fields of work, learning, or country.

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One of my main issues why working or learning from home was the lack of proper internet and power supply, as a web developer here in Nigeria in this age, internet and light is everything, looking for resources were quite hard, watching a video that buffs every time because of poor internet connection or no Data was annoying.
there was a lot I could achieve in a day but due to poor internet connection or no Data, I will have to postpone them and wait until I get to where I will have a stable internet connection.
I might get the drive to complete a project at a specific time or get an idea on how to fix something but because of the bad power supply making me unable to access my computer, I won't be able to achieve that.
Well for me that wasn't good. a good internet connection and power supply matters, to make your work and learning easier and less stressful.


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Most people underestimate the power of tables and chairs (desk). I noticed I was more productive when I got my desk than when I just lie down on the bed changing different positions with my laptop or put my laptop on my lap while working. First of all, I get tired easily, it was more stressful, sometimes I sleep off while working, wok and learning become tiring to go back to even if you really have the drive to want to complete them as soon as you can.
I do play MC5 (Modern Combat 5), and one thing I noticed was that I got better at playing it when I started working at my desk than when I was still sitting or lying in different places with my laptop trying to get a lot of things done.
now with my desk, I am less fatigued and stress-free while working or learning.
trust me you need to get yourself a desk.


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Most times while working or learning from home you need to know when you are to take a break, unwind and relax your body and brain from the stress it has been under.
Sometimes you just need to sleep, hang out with friends, check social media, take a walk, take a bath, and so on, to help you unwind and relieve stress and tension pilled up in your brain.
Sometimes it might not be a break you need, maybe you just need to change your position and feel more comfortable, maybe you have been working in a place for too long, if maybe you have been working or learning in your room for too long, you can go to your parlor, outside, balcony, park, and so many other places and make your self comfortable, you might notice that's all you need.

That's how I was able to get more productive working and learning from home.
If you have other tips, you can comment them below.

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James Schleigher

Thanks for sharing! Creating a to-do list and scheduling my day ahead has been a game-changer! I'm using task management software like Trello and Quire. These tools are easy to use and convenient.