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1/100 Days of Code

I decided to use as a journal to log my progress during the #100daysofcode. You know, to spice it up a bit.

It just happened that the day I decided to start this challenge is the same day I started the Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures certification on, so today that's what I did.

I completed 35% of the curriculum, we went over variables, integers, floats, operators, strings, and string continuation. Nothing new apart from the syntax as I have minimal knowledge on the basic fundementals of coding thanks to a few Python courses that I took in the past (I don't know much at all, but do understand the basic building blocks of the code.)

Excited for whats to come!
I will most likely be following and completing this curriculum during the next 99 days along with practicing and reviewing things I learned in the Responsive Web curriculum - the previous one.

Cya !

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Good luck on ur journey !

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Thank you so much ! I hope you enjoy reading about it :)