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Grow your portfolio with these free resources

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1. DevProjects by codementor

I just recently stumbled upon DevProjects by Codementor. They have a great collection of challenges you can start on, and add to your portfolio.

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Improve your programming skills by working on real-world projects. Join their free community to discuss projects, review code, and learn from peers and mentors.

2. Frontend Mentor

Skjermbilde 2021-03-17 kl. 13.18.19.png Frontend Mentor has some free coding challenges. But if you pay for their pro subscription, you get access to a lot more.

I currently have enough challenges to do with the free membership :)

I did my first HTML & CSS challenge on Frontend Mentor.

Gain real experience in building websites and providing code reviews. Build your portfolio and help others achieve their goals.

3. freeCodeCamp

I guess everyone knows about freeCodeCamp. It´s still a great resource for learning to code and get some projects for your portfolio.

4. DevChallenges

DevChallenges is a project by Thu Nghiem, with web development challenges and tutorials.

You can choose between three different paths:

Web Development Resources and Community that help you to become a Web Developer by working with Real-life projects and practices.

This is a website that I just discovered through Twitter.
I haven't done any challenges on DevChallenges yet, but I sure will!

Do you have anything to add to the list?

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