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40 Reasons Why I hate Being A Developer

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Yesterday I found a post by Dan English,40 Reasons Why I Love Being A Developer, and I thank him for posting it. It was very fun and interesting, as the author has asked, I wanted to leave my comments after the Article, but I have also found 40 reasons why I hate being a developer, so I have decided to write my own article of an angry developer. I am sure most industry people share this point of view.

1) I have to learn something new pretty much every day to hold out and not lose my job.
2) Being called every day for work by the project manager whether that be a Saturday or Sunday.
3) Being able to see technology make life easier. but still, write clumsily and in dirty own way.
4) Take part in a crazy society that thinks only about the software industry, coding and is happy with it.
5) Lots of coffee without getting any result, because yesterday you worked until 2 AM.

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6) Discovering new open-sourced resources which are tons of them on the internet read all of them to understand which is better, even you already use some library you need to understand new versions like have never be used before… Spend the whole day deciding which library to use…
7) No opportunity to have our own ideas, because everyone around right, except you. Scrum masters, product owners, UX designers, UI designers, even project managers are right because they know what businesses needs and you are just a developer who has to code and code and code…
8) And there is no time for your own business or little project because you have to code and code and code.
9) Gain weight in the office without any workout, no pain - no muscles.
10) Can't be on a diet because everyone loves you in the office and asks you to taste happy birthday cakes.
11) Write 60 minutes tests, solve algorithms, data structures and get technical interviews like you are starting work in the pentagon but at the same time, in practice, the most difficult task that you are given is to deal with HTML.
12) More coffee but I still can't work.
Alt Text
13) Have to learn more and no time for just work and silence, work and stability, work and happiness.
14) Worries about the new version updates, which always have a lot of bugs.
15) Using WebStorm and crashing 8Gb of ram.
16) Despite the fact that Internet Explorer has died a long time ago, we still have to take it into account, because there are freaks and companies that still use this damn browser.
17) There are always new tasks, like 3 headed dragon, you finish one but get 3 times more.
18) All compliments for an excellently developed project go to the project manager and a bad code claim goes to the programmer.
19) It's not fun when you drink 3 cups of coffee but caffeine does not make itself felt.
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20) In case you are a freelancer need to buy a new laptop every year and spend a lot of money on it.
21) You are unhappy with yourself every time you refactor or clean up old code that you could write better.
22) Lunchtime is just 10 minutes mealtime, no time for rest.
23) Everyone needs remote work, social contact is breaking, and the only one with who you can talk is your pet.
Alt Text
24) Realizing that I am not a programmer without StackOverflow.
25) The software industry is the homeland of "expectation vs reality" real-life memes.
26) The last game I have played was Half-Life 2… 10 years ago.
27) More cakes from a project manager.
28) Red Bull with disgusting taste :( but sometimes it is necessary.
29) Make a mistake that can cost billions to a bank or forgot to protect personal data and go to jail.
30) Being able to develop a website for 5 years and don't understand how this fucking crazy beautiful animations are created by others.
31) My father thinks I am working in excel.
32) Policeman neighbor thinks I am a hacker because I can upload videos on youtube… he is watching on me and whant to make a career on my arrest :)
33) More coffee?
Alt Text
34) The project manager knows that you are able to take the laptop to a beach and write code, that's why programmers has no life.
35) Having a job even you are the worst programmer in the world because there is a big deficit in developers.

function isEmpty(value) {
    if (value === '') {
        return false;
    } else if (value === 0) {
        return false;
    } else if (value === null) {
        return false;
    } else if (value === undefined) {
        return false;
    } else {
        return true;
    return true;
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36) Spend time on which theme to install on a new computer, and if it's Linux then decide for a week how to customize it.
37) Your brains can't stop work even you are traveling, because you understand how to fix the bug which was annoying you for 2 weeks, but it happens only in dreams because you have no energy to be excited about it.
Alt Text
38) Being passionate about what I do at work and forgot about my personal life.
39)There are how-to-guides to build or learn just about anything which you do need or don't need to but you can't understand without trying….
40) Finally, coffee gives effect but it's too late because already 2 AM on watches and you need to sleep… :(

Of course, it was a joke and I love being a developer, I enjoy the coding process and all the things happening around me, even posting this stupid post… :)

Thanks to Dan and all of you.


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Victoria Rodriguez

I feel deeply identified with this post. I thought I was the only one with a collection of photos of me sleeping in awkward places.

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Soso Gvritishvili • Edited

41) Have to sleep in awkward places.

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