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A Development Project With Awesome Graph Algorithm Implementation And PWA

So in this single project I chose to sharpen my skills both as a developer and a coder and what better way could be there than to create a website to showcase easy but cool games made from scratch. In this one project I learned javaScript from basic to advanced level and also mastered the art of creating PWA.

The fact that I had challenged myself to learn graph algorithms took another level of a turn when I was able to understand the minimax algorithm and use beginner friendly JavaScript code to make it come to life.

The code for the project is in the repo link given below, be sure to download and clone and edit it and commit necessary UI changes as per your need I so wanted to do this in react but then again I wanted a project to be created in native JavaScript and focus more on logic building. Therefore the UI is obviously not great for that completely beats the purpose of the project. The App has a link to redirect you to my blog's PWA and that thing has my front-end skills showcased well. Let me link down both of them below:

This PWA Gaming App Code :

My Portfolio Page Code :

You can find the hosted versions of the project on the following links :

Blog :
Game :

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