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The State of Developer Ecosystem 2019

In the beginning of 2019 jet-brains polled almost 7,000 developers to identify the state of developer ecosystem

Key takeaways

The most popular programming language

The most used overall programming language

The most promising programming language

Most studied language

What Programming language programmers have used in the last year

language used migrate
JavaScript 69% 5%
HTML 61% 2%
SQL 56% 2%
Java 50% 4%
python 49% 9%

Operating System

Operating system is very important for development and here is some stats for the operating systems used among the 7,000 developers that took the survey.

Windows Mac Unix/Linux others
57% 49% 48% 1%

This proves that Chrome Os still has long way to go even after Linux support

Applications created

This was categorized according to two parts, applications developers are writing to earn money and those only out of hobby

Application for living as a hobby
Web back-end 60% 39%
web front-end 46% 37%
Mobile application 23% 27%
Data Analysis 13% 11%
Machine Learning 7% 16%
Games 4% 17%

By looking at this stats we can argue that developers really love, game development and machine learning


For which mobile operating system developers are developing

Operating System ratio
Android 83%
ios 59%
other 3%

Two thirds of mobile developers use native tools to develop for mobile OS. Every other developer uses cross-platform technologies or frameworks.

Please visit here for more stats.

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