Review Period (Hacktoberfest 2020)

souvikbaruah profile image Souvik Baruah ・1 min read

What will happen if my PR gets merged after 20th October? The review period is itself of 14 days! There won't be enough time for the review period after 20th...so will it be marked Accepted or will it not count in the end? Please help, I am new here....!


Editor guide

If you have made your contribution in the fest within October then it will surely get accepted. Review period doesn't matter and if you are not sure whether your PR'S will be accepted, you can add more pull requests for sure as a backup. It will be counted as a bonus.


Continued: in case 1 PR gets rejected within the review period I'll have to make a fresh new PR...so as a back-up can I make more PRs when 4 PRs are already in review?


Yes , You can make more PRs !