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Souvik Paul
Souvik Paul

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Mimizu - The Copy Worm | Animated Short Film | Ravik Studio

Mimizu is a funny animated moral story by Rahul Singha. In the Japanese language, Mimizu means earthworm.

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About the story:

Mimizu is an earthworm who was trying to copy a random snail. The snail was feeling very weird about Mimizu’s behaviour & he was trying to ignore what Mimizu was doing. Suddenly, a pigeon came into the scene and changed the whole game.

Moral of the story:

Don’t copy others instead, make your own personality.

“In a world of copycats, being yourself is liberating & powerful.”
-T. Lewis


Story, Screenplay & Direction - Rahul Singha
Animation - Rahul Singha
Sound Design & SFX - Rahul Singha
Poster Design - Rahul Singha
Thumbnail Design - Rahul Singha & Souvik Paul
Title & Description - Souvik Paul
Exclusive Producers - Rahul Singha & Souvik Paul

Backgrounds, Editing, Art Direction, and Character Design, Concept Art and Production Design, Coloring and Shading, Voice - Rahul Singha

Social Media Partners - Don Ka Adda, Gadgets Gadder, Bani Katha, ZeroBizz Quick & Clicking Hub.

Animation Studio - Ravik Studio (Souvik Paul, Rahul Singha)
© Ravik Studio 2021

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