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Souvik Paul
Souvik Paul

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I'm planning to build a new OS for embedded smart displays

I'm Prototyping a new operating system for Smart Mini Displays (Embedded Linux System) that can run even on low-end ARM motherboards.

I'm making it mostly for IoT devices. Will be working on web technologies like PWA. Forking Mozilla's Boot2Geeko (aka Firefox OS) for development.

It's similar to Kai OS but for smart touch screen devices. I've chosen web technologies so that developers not mind to migrate their app.

I will be supporting apis for all types of sensors so that developers can easily build their dream app. And also will be open source :)

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Thomas Bnt ☕ • Edited

Very cool design!
You tagged #OpenSource, how we can check the code source to contribute ?

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Souvik Paul

I haven't started the project yet. Just got an idea and made a couple frames. I will post about it when I start coding.

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Geniale bravo

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Ivan Zakutnii

How it is going, mate? 🤔

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Sir G1gabyte Dev ⠕