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Branching Out

Mapping out the Git Branching steps for my first group development project & reflections on the bootcamp so far...

Git Branching Steps

I wanted to capture a bit of the process -- how I understand it -- here to serve as a reference for me and my group as we start to memorize the steps for working together using Git Branches.

In the designated Feature branch...

  1. In the Github Project Kanban, move card from To Do to In progress
  2. git pull origin dev
  3. git switch -c [feature-name]
  4. Make and save changes in VS Code
  5. git add -A
  6. git commit -m "Short description of update"
  7. git push origin [feature-name]
  8. In the Github Project Kanban, move card from In progress to Review

Whoever did not push the code, reviews the changes. If approved, the PM pulls the request into the dev branch and deletes the feature branch.

Instructor's Tip: Commit small incremental commits to avoid conflicts

But first... I had to get the repo onto my machine.

Cloning the repo and the initial commit

  • Our assigned lead developer created new Repository
  • I clicked the Code dropdown to copy the SSH link
  • In Git Bash, git clone [pasted SSH link]
  • Then, entered the directory with cd [directory-name]
  • Switched to a new branch with git checkout -b keely
  • Made a small change to the html file using VSC
  • Followed steps to add, commit, push change

git add -A
git commit -m "Update HTML title in head"
git push origin keely

Instructor's Tip: Instead of naming the branches as our own names, name the branches the features of our project

Beginning Reflections

7 weeks in this coding bootcamp... sheesh! I knew it was going to be tough and I'm still hanging in there! I know the reward will be mighty and after talking to a few classmates, our excitement is growing together as we start to recognize our progress and potential.

We just started our first group project after a few tough weeks of learning JavaScript and my goal by the end of this project is to have "clicked" with the foundations so I can continue to grow.

I am thankful for all the support I've been receiving - from classmates, my tutor, the TAs/instructor, and my partner in crime/life. The hardest part was -- I hate to say it -- asking for help.

In the last week or so, I've been wanting to start capturing this process of my own growth and was jotting down potential writing prompts in my notes so I was excited when my instructor pointed me to this site! Cheers to documenting growth! 🍻

Stay tuned or let me know if you have any tips along the way!

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