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Nevertheless, Spacie Coded ✨

I started/continued to code in 2019 because...

It's a fun and powerful way to express ideas, especially in an environment where I don't usually feel comfortable doing that.

As a (mostly closeted 😿) trans girl, I find doing things I want and being the version of myself that I want to be to be extremely difficult. I know it might sound a little cringey, but coding let's me (for the most part at least) make the things I want, how I want them, and lets me be in total control of something for once!

I deserve credit for...

Launching! ✨

It's not a very complex site, but it took me ages to finally have the guts to commit to a preferred name and start associating it with my stuff. I know some people think it's cute, some people think its weird, but I like it and to be honest... that's all that matters!

Also, I recently started a dual degree in computer science and digital interactivity which is pretty rad!

I hope to see my school/work/developer/tech community...

Move on from stigmas associated with all genders and expectations.

I shouldn't come home from my first lecture and have the first question from parents be a semi-sarcastic "were there any [other] girls there?". But sadly, I know quite a few people who are interested in this kind of thing and didn't pursue it because of that attitude.

I hope in the near future, in tech related fields and in the broader community, that a single letter on a piece of paper 18 years ago won't lead to people dictating who I am, what I enjoy, and how I should behave. Everyone should do the things that make them happy and/or empower them (within reason of course, please don't go rob a bank), and they should have the right to do that without being made to feel outcast or invalid by those around them.


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Ben Lovy

I love your site.

Sloan, the sloth mascot
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Ben Lovy

I guess I'm learning about cellular automata tonight.

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