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So What Do We Like For Windows Text Editors?

I've been using Notepad++ for several years and generally like it. At one time I tried Atom but it was a bit lethargic. Looked at Sublime once but it's been a while. I used ConTEXT for years but it seems like a dead-end.

What Windows text editors do you like for general text work for things like script files, .bat files, minor snippets of code and text, etc.

I prefer an editor that's fairly light and doesn't bring my machine to its knees. If it has a simple macro record/playback ability even better.

Thanks and interested in people's thoughts!

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Pierre Bouillon • Edited

I'm a huge fan of Sublime Text 3.

Dead fast, completely hackable, very useful and easy-to-use package manager, plenty of themes/plugin in a few commands, plenty of languages handled, etc.

I'm using it on Windows + on my Linux VM so that I don't have to change each time between two different text editors.

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Saurabh Sharma • Edited

Actually, I use vs code but I will suggest you Sublime text for your needs. The looks of sublime text have evolved rapidly in the stable release. It looks dope now and works well too.
But you will need plugin for working effectively with PowerShell or batch scripts


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Vincent Grovestine

Can't go wrong with VS Code or Komodo Edit.

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My favorite text editor is Vim. It's got a windows version, it's really lightweight (at least until you install 500 plugins), and it's got macro replay and tons of other nice features.

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Marcell Purham

I'm a big fan of Sublime text for windows and use it along side Polypad which is a scriptable text editor.