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Do you know there is a version of VSCode available without MS branding, telemetry or licensing?

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What do you think of VSCodium?

Have you used it?

Is the branding, licencing and telemetry a big deal?

I have been using VSCodium for the last week now and I can honestly say apart from the branding I can't find any differences between VSCode and VSCodium

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similarly, there is

I haven't used either, so cannot give feedback - however, good to see open source contributors taking privacy seriously


no, as far as I know, it is derived from chromium to reduce/remove google related telemetry


Very unique and interesting find. I am going to try this. Did you try it?


I'm have been using it in place of VSCode full time for the last ~7 days now.

Like I said in the OP it's no different from VSCode sans the branding AFAICS ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ


I think it's a nice idea that people have made the base VSCode easy to install. Given that there's now no friction at all - it's as easy to install the clean version as it is the Microsoft version, why would anyone choose the latter?


Support? The Microsoft team probably won't help you with anything unless you're using the official build.


Nice that it's easy to produce!

Do all extensions work?


All the extensions I use work no probs.

I have had no issues

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