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State of Technical Interviews - Initial Data!

What is this?

In case you're not sure what this is, I created a questionnaire and pleaded for fellow programmers and technical people to fill it out. I intend for this data to be used in a way that helps the community tackle technical interviews in a way that benefits everybody including the employers.

I think there's a win-win scenario here but I still need your help! 20 responses isn't enough. Please help by filling out the questionnaire.

The original article is here

The data so far

Even though there are only 20 responses, it seems that some trends are already forming. Here are just a few tidbits.


It seems a decent majority of you are getting asked algorithm questions during interviews. At least 55% of respondents got asked algorithm questions very often or almost all the time.

However, when asked how many of the respondents felt they got the job because of their ability to answer algorithm questions, approximately 57% of them answered with almost never to not very often!


Approximately 55% of respondents said they almost never or not very often get asked whiteboard questions during interviews.

Over 50% of the respondents also said they don't think they got the job because of their ability to work through whiteboard questions.

Feedback on failure

A whopping 75% of respondents said they almost never or not very often get feedback on why they failed an interview.

To me, that's quite sad. It's in the best interest of an employer to provide this feedback. It helps nurture and guide people to do better which means better employees the next time around.

Training opportunities

It seems that most respondents felt they could accept a lower paying job if they knew the job would offer them opportunities to learn and expand their skills. That's actually quite valuable for employers to know because it's a win-win investment for everybody involved.

Thank you for participating

So far it's been really interesting to see what the answers are like. I really truly appreciate everyone who has participated thus far.

I intend to do a full, in depth, write up after I have enough respondents.

Please share the questionnaire, tweet it, whatever you can do to bring people to it. The more data we have, the better we can make our technical interview process and, ultimately, the better opportunities we can offer and get.

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