I made a thing (machi koro clone)

spirodonfl profile image Spiro Floropoulos ・1 min read

I just wanted to put this out there. I suck at design but I wanted to prove some things from a programming perspective.

If you've played Machi Koro the board game, you'll know what this is.

The README in the github explains what I was trying to accomplish. Essentially I wanted to see how far I could go with vanilla JS, CSS and HTML using web components and CSS variables. Some of the stuff in here is kinda cool!

Github and live demo


Editor guide

Doesn't seem to do anything once I get to the game screen. JS console showing a lot of errors


Hmmm what browser are you on?


Firefox - but in this day and age that shouldn't matter?

Nope, it doesn't and I'm not seeing any issues on my end so that's strange. I must be overlooking something.

Ah yes I had a bug in the code that prevented 2 player games from starting. That might've been the issue you were encountering.