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Levelling as a Developer with Content Creation and Community Building #DevRel

Join Developer Relations Expert at New Relic Pachi Parra for her amazing talk on Content Creation and Community Building! Join Git Commit Show #season03

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Why Building a strong community is important?

Community is pretty much a group of people having similar interests coming together, either be it for creating ideas, working together, or personal growth. Why is it important? Because when people come together they bring in ideas together, collaborate and create amazing possibilities. Coming to collaborate together can lead to better ideas, and what not? How many creative ideas, upon which companies have been created formed in such communities when people/friends together came in to form ideas and learn!

We're inviting you people to our Community of Developers, "Git Commit Show" so that we can learn, collaborate and participate together so that we all can learn and create more opportunities for everyone of us!

About Pachi:-

Pachi works as Developer Relations Engineer at New Relic and is a Streamer and Co-Founder of Feministech, an online community for Brazilian women and non-binary people who share and learn tech with live coding. Her passions include community building, hyping her friends and live coding on Twitch.

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