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Pushpa Sree Potluri
Pushpa Sree Potluri

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Best online data science course for beginners (My opinion)

I have done some research to find out the best online course to learn data science especially for beginners and I found this course really interesting. They have a really good course structure starting with data preprocessing and covered all the popular algorithms with hands on experience.

Course: Udemy - Machine Learning A-Z : Hands-On Python & R in Data Science


  1. Intermediate level of Python or R
  2. Anyone with a programming background can try this but I suggest to go through the python or R basics before starting this course

This course provides hands on of building a model using some of the basic and most used algorithms in Regression, Classification, Clustering, Association Rule Mining, Neural Networks etc., in both R and Python.

Each section is structured in a way to help us understand the basics of how to build a model. Every section consists of following steps:

  1. Dataset (Explanation and Importing)
  2. Algorithm (Intuition and Implementation)

And coming to how I learned data science:

  1. Think of an use case you want to implement (I work in telecommunications industry, so I searched for the most popular machine learning use cases in telecom)
  2. Set your objective
  3. Which category does your objective falls into? (For this you need to have prior understanding of machine learning categories like Regression, Classification, Clustering etc.,)
  4. Choose a dataset (you can download datasets online - has some good datasets)
  5. Start your project (I started in Jupyter Notebooks)
  6. Go through the data and make sure you have a clear understanding of the features (you should be able to answer all your questions from the data itself)
  7. And now the most important part Data pre-processing (handling missing data, removing duplicates etc.,)
  8. Select the features you need from data to train your model
  9. Select an algorithm that will fit your purpose
  10. Train your model
  11. Validate the model performance

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Peter K Joseph

Great.. Well, assuming you are a person from India.
I'd love to become a data scientist, but I don't know which course to take after my 12th grade. I'd like to know how you did it. It'll definitely help me if you help me with that.

innomaticsresearchlabs profile image

Data Science Course in Hyderabad

Data Science Training in Hyderabad
Data Science Course Training in Hyderabad

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Data is everywhere, which is growing exponentially globally, and this may still grow at an accelerating rate for the foreseeable future. Businesses generate massive amounts of data within the type of blogs, messages, transaction documents, mobile device data, social media, etc. By using this data effectively, a firm can create vital value and grow their economy by enhancing productivity, increasing efficiency, and delivering more value to consumers.

Data Science helps in combining the disruption into categories and communicating their potential, which allows data and analytics leaders to drive better results. Top businesses thought there is a necessity to research the data for significant benefits. They use the insights from data for the advantage of users.

Human deciding is becoming increasingly inadequate to pander to a never-ending expansion of the data . However, Data Science and Machine Learning are excelling in solving highly complex data-rich problems. To think beyond the human brain and maintain the balance with the knowledge that's evolved, disrupted, and being employed the sectors altogether, data scientists foster new methodologies. Data scientists must try 'big data expeditions' to explore the data for previously undiscovered value - the first common application of data science. Typical applications include marketing segmentation, advertising, tweaking dynamic pricing models, or banks finding risks and adjusting the financial risk models.

What are the Tools utilized in Data Science?

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Paul Allen

your Data Science course Training in Hyderabad will be compatible with the ecommerce hosting training

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Sai Rajesh Vanimireddy • Edited

Good Information!!

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