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Looking for opensource projects

I'm a react developer with 1.6 years of experience. Recently I have started to think of contributing to react or JavaScript based opensource projects. But I'm not able to find one. So it would be so awesome if anyone in the community who would give me an opportunity to work with them or their team .

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Adrian Matei • Edited

I have some issues open on - it's developed with the MEAN stack, but maybe a challenge for you to get started with Angular ;)

Maybe help write a Visual Studio Code Extension -

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Thanks for the opportunity brother. It would surely be a great experience to start with a new framework.
By plugin are you mentioning regarding a vs code extension?

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Adrian Matei

Yes, I meant VS Code Extension, I think it's also a good point to start with Typescript, if you are not already into that...

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Hemant Joshi

I recently updated my github with a mind-map

This is what I feel ultimate for full stack

similarly for Junior and Mid level devs is in the repo.....


You can visit this repo and pick topic and search a specific topic on youtube and that is the best source you can learn many of new things by doing this and this is what most of my contact developers do.

If this was helpful to you feel free to star/ fork and follow me on github

Happy DEVing

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Thank you brother surely will check the repo

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Ricardo Sueiras

Great to hear you want to work on open source projects. Check out my weekly updates as I talk about lots of open source projects and many of them are always looking for new contributors. I am sure they would love to hear from you.

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Alberto Pérez de Rada Fiol • Edited

What about It's intended to be a new kind of social network, and there's still a lot of stuff to figure out and a lot work to do!

GitHub logo Tisn /

The introverts' social network


Tisn - The introverts' social network

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What is

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