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⚙️ ❮ Zsh Unique ID ❯

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This plugin provides a unique number that identifies a running Zshell session, in its shell variable $ZUID_ID.

Besides this unique number, also a unique codename is provided, in shell variable $ZUID_CODENAME.

Once you load this plugin, the two parameters will be set, and their values will not be available to other Zshell sessions (being thus unique).

$ZUID_ID is a progressing number starting from 1.

$ZUID_CODENAME is chosen from a list of predefined codenames, see the default list below.

An example use case is to hold logs in files .../mylog-${ZUID_CODENAME}.log,

so that two different Zshells will not write to the same file at the same time.

Default codenames are:

  • atlantis (for ZUID_ID == 1)
  • echelon (for ZUID_ID == 2)
  • quantum (etc.)
  • ion
  • proxima
  • polaris
  • solar
  • momentum
  • hyper
  • gloom
  • velocity
  • future
  • enigma
  • andromeda
  • saturn
  • jupiter
  • aslan
  • commodore
  • falcon
  • persepolis
  • dharma
  • samsara
  • prodigy
  • ethereal
  • epiphany
  • aurora
  • oblivion

Zstyle configuration allows to customize the codenames:

zstyle :plugin:zuid codenames paper metal wood plastic # first 4 shells will have those codenames
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Install Zsh Unique ID

The plugin is "standalone", which means that only sourcing it is needed (without using a plugin manager).

So to install, unpack zsh-unique-id somewhere and add:

source {where-zsh-unique-id-is}/zsh-unique-id.plugin.zsh
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to zshrc.

Sourcing is recommended, because it can be done early,
at top of zshrc, without a plugin manager – to acquire the unique identification as early as possible.

With ZI

Add zi load z-shell/zsh-unique-id to your .zshrc file. ZI will clone the plugin the next time you start zsh.

To update issue zi update z-shell/zsh-unique-id.

With Antigen

Add antigen bundle z-shell/zsh-unique-id to your .zshrc file.

Antigen will handle cloning the plugin for you automatically the next time you start zsh.

With Oh-My-Zsh

  1. cd ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins
  2. git clone
  3. Add zsh-unique-id to your plugin list.

With Zgen

Add zgen load z-shell/zsh-unique-id to your .zshrc file in the same place you're doing your other zgen load calls in.

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