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Super Startup

Super Startup


a superannuation / investment startup

Our Mission

We can't find a perfect superannuation investment company, so we're going to make one ourselves. Our company is ethical, effective, and economical, with minimal fees, and good returns compared to other super funds. Members can choose how their money is invested. We achieve efficiency through automation. We are bootstrapping the company ourselves, without taking investment. As an ethical company, our values are more than just words. We hope to build a great community from the very beginning of the project.


Different people have different ideas of what investments are "ethical". We suggest a baseline, but each of our members can decide what "ethical" means to them, and we will help them to invest their money accordingly. We are dedicated to our mission, and we won't ever sell out.


Our open-source investment software enables members to include and exclude different types of companies, even down to individual companies, while enjoying the benefits of aggregate trading and economy of scale. Our base application is simple and easy to use. Advanced features and APIs are available for power-users. We listen to feedback, and can implement custom features for individual members.


We intend to operate as a low-profit private company, so that a wide range of people can invest without having to pay hundreds of dollars in fees or any percentage of their account balance. If your investment makes a profit, all of the return goes to you.


We are a high-tech company. We intend to absolutely minimize fees by avoiding expenses, staying small as a company, and automating every part of the system as much as possible. Our innovative software is based on the best available technology, for the best user experience.


We are starting out as a self-managed super fund, for ourselves and our family members. When we are ready, we will extend the service to others, by providing our software to help them manage their own super fund. Eventually we hope to become a full superannuation investment company.


We actually put our members first, we don't just say so. We value quality above profit. We don’t rip people off. We want to provide the best possible service to our members. We actively seek feedback and "negative" criticism, in order to improve.


We believe in collaboration, not competition. We are hoping to build a community from the beginning. That is why we are starting a blog now, when the project is still in its infancy. We welcome you to follow along, and even to help with development. We will continue to post and ask for your feedback and help every step of the way.

About Us

We are a small family business based in Melbourne, Australia. We intend to stay small. Our CEO, Sean is a secondary school student with a keen interest in investment. Our CTO, Sam is a freelance full stack software developer, working with Toptal and others. Our CFO, Patricia makes sure that the ship stays afloat. Our COO, Thalia keeps everything running smoothly.

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I come across so many posts about investing that I think I should start doing it. What would be the best thing for me to do first?