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💎Free Wordpress Themes for your Website💎

What is ThemesRain?

ThemesRain is a marketplace where you can purchase both, premium and free versions of WordPress themes to design a website that is both professional and simple to create. Each website designed using the ThemesRain template is retina-ready and designed to reach out to larger audiences with enhanced search engine optimization, responsive design, and innovative designing.

If you are wondering whether it is perfect for your business, then keep on reading. Below we'll mention some of the pros and cons of ThemesRain WordPress themes, which will help your business create a niche for itself.


● Themes listed on ThemesRain are highly customizable

● You get the best deal with ThemesRains

● Enhance safety for payment transactions

● User-friendly and simple designs for quick installations

● Highly responsive design which works across any platform

● SEO-optimized designs to improve your ratings


● Designing, developing and maintenance of website based on WordPress can be challenging

● Though some WordPress themes are free, you may need to purchase plugins to get the best results

● SEO-based features of WordPress can be difficult to understand for beginners

Product Categories Of ThemesRain (Premium and Free)

ThemesRain offers a wide range of pre-designed WordPress themes that are suitable for a variety of businesses. Most businesses suffer due to a lack of professional websites which can direct more business and clients towards them. A professional website not only builds trust among customers but also helps you become a part of the never-ending business world. Having said that not everyone is well-versed with coding and creating a website for businesses can be a tough nut to crack.

If you think that you can hire a person who is well-versed with coding languages, then it's well and good, but not every business has a budget set aside for website developers, in that case, you need an alternative and that’s where WordPress themes by ThemesRain come in. All themes designed by ThemesRain are designed for people with limited to no knowledge of coding. With easy demo and one-click installation, you get to design a professional website which is your way to make a name for yourself and your business.

In case you are wondering whether, ThemesRain has a template for business, then check out below for different types of businesses they cater to. We are sure there is one theme that is perfect for your business:

● Restaurant Websites

● Construction & Real Estate Websites

● Beauty Industry Websites

● Interior Design Websites

● University & Institute Websites

● Sports Websites

● Legal Firm Websites

● Travel Blogs

● Flower Business Websites

● News Agency Websites

● Medical Websites

● Cryptocurrency Websites

● Funeral Business Websites

● Car Mechanic Websites

● Health Websites

All the themes that we have mentioned are available in premium and free versions. But we urge you to invest in a premium version that allows you to reap the full benefits of WordPress themes with all the features, plugins, and add-ons.

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