To remote or not to remote

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I am not sure if it is just me, but I see more and more jobs labeled remote, that are only remote within a specific country (mostly the United States).

This term used to mean worldwide, at least I have interpreted it that way.

Don't you think there should be a worldwide label instead of remote?

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Remote within certain regions is pretty standard. You still need people to be able to communicate during certain hours. But with all jobs, it's an employer who cuts the paycheck, and they are able to set terms.


You're right.

But when I see "100% remote" label, I don't want to read the whole job description and then realize that the candidate should be from America time zones at the end of the job post.

I guess this is the way it is and we cannot do anything about it.


I'd recommend first checking where the company is situated. Chances are, they'd like to find someone in a timezone overlapping significantly with where they're based.

I've worked from San Francisco and worked with teams in Slovenia and UK. The 8-9 hour time difference meant they would have to stay in the office well after 5PM and I'd get into the office at 8AM just to get a slot available to talk face-to-face, and even then feel like you're always rushing through.

Email and written communication only goes so far in a collaborative context, especially in a fast-moving company where communication is key, and a lot of companies don't bother documenting everything in writing in a neatly organised wiki.

I currently work remotely for a UK company, and have coworkers spread across Europe, and we're looking for a +/- 2 hour difference in timezones for a new hire (ideally, but not exclusively).


Not really, worldwide could also mean a virtual team, which is split worldwide but they work at their offices, not remote.

Adding timezone and geopolitical constraints are ok I guess, the difference between countries is sometimes too big of a hustle :/


I guess simple remote is remote wordwide, unless an if is applied :)), the jobs websites/catalogs will have to add more tags eventually, as the market grows.


In my experience, direct-employment "remote" positions have generally had an implied range. At minimum it implied "within the same national taxing jurisdiction" but frequently meant "close enough to hop a train or commuter-jet to make regular meetings".

For self-employed contractors operating on a "B2B" basis, the definition could be a bit looser, but still usually tied to similar contexts as the directly-employed (mostly because of the "ability to attend regular meetings" thing).

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