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UI Dev Newsletter #73


Reducing Carbon Emissions On The Web
Berwyn Powell shares his thoughts and experiences about making websites environmentally friendly.

Understanding Z-Index in CSS
Ahmad Shadeed shares a visual guide on how z-index and stacking contexts work in CSS.

Exploring the CSS Paint API: Blob Animation
Temani Afif explains how to use the powerful Paint API and math to make a blob animation.

Creating Accessible CSS Art
Álvaro Montoro shares some tips and best practices to make CSS art more accessible for everyone.

Element diversity
Manuel Matuzović shares a list of reasons why we use divs and explains why we shouldn't use divs so much.

Stop! Put Down That Ternary, Lines Are Free
Simon Barker explains why we should strive to write code that is understandable to the team's newest and least experienced members by writing more readable code.

High performance bracket pair colorization
Visual Studio Code starts to support native bracket pair colorization in the last update.

Wavy Dividers Generator
Eugene Zolotarenko shares a tool for generating wavy dividers with ease.


You want enabling CSS selectors, not disabling ones
Chris Coyier shares one of my articles about a selector that does a job without disabling the particular rule.

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