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UI Dev Newsletter #74

Less Absolute Positioning With Modern CSS
Ahmad Shadeed explores a few use-cases where absolute positioning isn’t needed anymore.

Building a split-button component
Adam Argyle shares a foundational overview of how to build an accessible split-button component.

Vanilla JS is a web performance decision
Chris Ferdinandi explains why you should use as little JavaScript as possible if you care about your users.

How to optimize button microcopy
Maria Panagiotidi shares seven suggestions with examples about how to write better call-to-action microcopy.

4 Lesser-Known Emmet Tricks To Speed Up Your Coding
Mikael Ainalem shares helpful Emmet tips, including chaining CSS commands and setting the size of image elements.

Pre-Selling a Programming Course and Making $550k in Revenue
Nico Cerdeira shares an interview with a Successful Startup Founder Josh Comeau.

Remote OK VS Code
Pieter Levels shares a fully-functional fake VS Code so, if you're a programmer, you too can browse remote jobs in your office without your boss finding out.

Web-browser for research that helps programmers think clearly.

Twitter thread

CSS resources (fonts, background images) are not requested by your CSS, but by the DOM node that needs them
Harry Roberts explains how the speed of the DOM determines CSS-resource discovery, not the speed of the CSS itself.


How to find and insert Unicode symbols in HTML
I have published an article about my preferred way of inserting Unicode characters in HTML.

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