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UI Dev Newsletter #75


The Future of CSS: Cascade Layers (CSS @layer)
Bramus Van Damme explains Cascade Layers, how we can use them, and what benefits they bring.

Designing Beautiful Shadows in CSS
Josh Comeau describes all you need to know about box-shadows, from theory to practical examples.

Manuel Matuzović explains how to control the virtual keyboard's capitalization of words and characters by default.

Grainy Gradients
Jimmy Chion shows how to generate colorful noise to add texture to a gradient with only a tiny amount of CSS and SVG.

Web Vitals patterns
Chrome Developers share a collection that includes patterns that are often tricky to implement without hurting your Core Web Vitals scores.

Master Frontend Development By Cloning These Websites
To become a better developer, Chris Hansen lists which sites you should try to clone and incorporate functionality, like modals and dropdowns.

W3C Design System
W3C team shares a design system that shows how the front-end assets (CSS and JavaScript) are organized and compiled for their site.

Smooth Shadow
Philipp Brumm shares a helpful little tool to make a smooth shadow.

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Play your favorite tunes with Spotify in your terminal.
GitHub shares a Spotify TUI — Spotify for the terminal written in Rust.

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