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Silvestar Bistrović
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UI Dev Newsletter #78


Conditional Border Radius In CSS
Ahmad Shadeed highlights the problem of conditional border radius and explains how the solutions work.

Safe DOM manipulation with the Sanitizer API
Jack J shows how the new Sanitizer API aims to build a robust processor for arbitrary strings to be safely inserted into a page.

Redundantly Redundant a11y Accessibility
Scott O’Hara shows which aria attributes work best with input fields.

Buttons vs. Links
Eric Eggert explains what buttons and links are, what they do, and how they can look.

The price is... which?
Gerardo Rodriguez shows how a few small changes can significantly enhance the accessibility experience for sale prices.

Accessibility for E-Commerce: 3 Best Practices For Navigational Links (73% of Sites Fail)
Alex Krzyminsk discusses three critical methods for making links accessible to all users.

Web Design budgets: Why does your web designer want to know how much money you have?
Paul Edwards answers why web designers want to know the project budget.
Rik Schennink shares a tool that is the fastest way to censor sensitive information (on images) online.


Appreciation for being a web developer
I wrote an article in which I explain why I am appreciative of being a web developer.

Happy coding!

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