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UI Dev Newsletter #80


Prevent Scroll Chaining With Overscroll Behavior
Ahmad Shadeed goes through the overscroll-behavior CSS property, the problem it solves, how it works, and where we can use it.

Evaluating Clever CSS Solutions
Michelle Barker explains why the “cleverest” solution isn’t always the best and some new specifications that might make clever hacks less necessary.

HTML with Superpowers
Dave Rupert shares his talk about using, styling, and building Web Components and why they are worth investigating.

We Analyzed 425,909 Favicons
Adam, Nathan & Patrick analyzed the top 100,000 websites’ favicons and shared some fascinating insights.

What do I need to read to be a great at CSS?
Baldur Bjarnason answers if reading CSS articles like CSS-Tricks & Smashing Magazines is a waste of time.

Why I Hate Frameworks, Benji Smith.
Fredrik Holmqvist explains how it is to use frameworks but using a hammer as an example.
The community-driven resource library of CSS Houdini worklets.
A useful placeholder image generator.

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For the last 5+ years, web developers have been frustrated with CSS. Why?
Jen Simmons asks why developers are ranting and hating CSS.

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