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UI Dev Newsletter #81


Chrome Developers share a module where you will learn how to style all the parts of a list.

#26 HTMHell special: tasty buttons
Manuel Matuzović shares the second HTMHell special, which focuses on another highly controversial pattern in front-end development: the burger button.

Implementing Accessible UX for Your Business Site
Zoho team shares a guide on navigating a website if visitors cannot use a mouse, listen to a video, or read text and graphics.

Why Outdated jQuery Is Still the Dominant JavaScript Library
Richard MacManus tries to find out the latest on this jQuery, so he spoke to one of the developers who continues to maintain jQuery, Michał Gołębiowski-Owczarek.

GitHub Command Palette
GitHub team launched a command palette to navigate, search, and run commands directly from your keyboard.

30 HTML Snippets for the Most Frequently Used HTML Tasks
Stephan Miller lists 30 commonly used HTML code snippets that might be helpful for any project.

Georgy Marchuk shares a JavaScript plugin for taking the cursor to the next level.

100 Best Free Fonts for Designers in 2021
Awwwards team shares some nice fonts that are free to use, some for non-commercial use only, and some that have a free version available.


Using CSS Variables for reduced motion on a global scale
I have published an article where you could learn how to use CSS Variable and prefers-reduced-motion media feature to remove or minimize animations and transitions on a global scale.

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The metaverse is bullshit
Wes Fenlon explains why metaverse does sound like a worse version of the internet.

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