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Silvestar Bistrović
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UI Dev Newsletter #88


State od CSS 2021
Sasha Greif shares the results of the CSS 2021 survey.

Tailwind and the Femininity of CSS
Elaina Natario tries to discover why utilities and frameworks such as Tailwind are often met with bandwagon attacks from its community.

Consistent, Fluidly Scaling Type and Spacing
Andy Bell describes how to use the clamp() function for sizing scale.

CSS can help improve your HTML⁉ - Ep 2: buttons and links
InHuOfficial explores how we can use CSS to ensure (and enforce) that we are using button and anchor elements correctly.

Select elements with pointer-events:none by holding Shift
Patrick Brosset shows how to select unselectable elements in Chrome and Edge DevTools.

Easy Checks – A First Review of Web Accessibility
W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) shares a guide that helps you start to assess the accessibility of a web page.

WCAG 2 is what we have
Kilian Valkhof explains why Advanced Perceptual Contrast Algorithm is not yet implemented in the Polypane browser.

Calculate the environmental impact of a web page, see the breakdown and learn what measures can be taken to improve it.


In defense of CSS
I am here to take a stand and defend CSS, my most favorite programming language.

Happy coding!

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