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I'm just some dude trying to Decentralize the Modern Internet

First off, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Andrew. Enough about me and more about what you actually came here to read. The internet as it stands has alot of problems. These problems include the selling of your personal data, censored opinions, lack of intellectual diversity and a seemingly more closed rather than open society. Many of the things that the internet was meant to do, solve and fix are now the same problems it is causing.

This lead me to create an SDK for building decentralized internet and distributed computing projects. Now, keep in mind this is still in beta and actively being developed. Also keep in mind I have about 125 hours worth of work I do each week, and a large sum of those hours are dedicated to a project that isn't too popular and has very few GitHub stars. That still doesn't stop me from coding something I know could be the future and am passionate about. Half these articles are just documentation of my journey getting there.

That being said, it isn't just me who is actively trying to fix the problems with the current internet. Many software engineers, developers, and startup founders seem to be on a similar boat mission-wise. If you go to NPM, you can find tons of torrent projects. Many lightweight decentralization SDKs are also built in Javascript. You have tons of protocols trying to change not just the way the internet works, but how computers communicate. Anyways, I know this seems like just a rant, but I really hope the future is drastically changed for the better as a result of this seemingly second dotcom boom. Even the guy who created JavaScript or the Web's Tim Berners-Lee seem to think this current internet got out of hand.

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