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Preparing for Developer Interviews

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Preparing for technical interview preparation is hard work. If you don't think so, look at this. The 30 most essential data structure algorithms that you need to remember.

Which to add insult to injury, you have to study hard on leetcode or code wars. The craziness never ends. Which the HR includes curve balls for HR practices that feel dated even for me.

Like the use of IQ tests, situation test, requiring their developers to have computer science degrees and writing code on paper, It even includes my enemy the whiteboard test. Tada!!! The craziness of technical interviews never seems to amaze me. I won't be touching it but will recommend the use of Interviewcake and Cracking the Interview Code so to be done with it. I won't be throwing you all the technical test shenanigans but focus you to go back to the basics in the chapter that follows. I promise you that I depend on it for my job interviews.

Do Your Research of the Company

Regardless if your a math whiz or a developer who can code in their sleep. The first thing that we should always do. It is to do your own research on the company & the person who is interviewing you. If you fail in doing it. You are basically screwed. Cause you will be shown the door after 5 seconds. As anyone will be annoyed by a candidate who knows nothing about the company or the interviewer.

Which decreases your own chances of getting employed. I know we are not trained or required to talk. Cause we are an introvert in some way. But when you are in an interview, you need to build your rapport, observe their body language and sell yourself. The person who is interviewing you has to feel that you are the right choice with the least risky option for them to make a decision to hire you,

Ask & Prepare for the Type of Technical Test

Ask the company on the type of interview questions they will give to their candidates. This allows you to prepare strategically. I find this approach is much better than the brute force approach. By just learning about data structure, distributed computing, design patterns, TDD and the 101 things that a developer are required to learn.

Another thing that I found for the technical tests. Some companies favour the ability to write clearly and effectively. This demonstrates your ability to convey ideas across in a written form which is a must for remote work.


Firstly, do your own research on the company. So you won't bore the interviewer and disrespecting their time and yours. Secondly, ask probing questions on the type of technical test they will provide. Instead of brute-forcing your way in.

Lastly, are you looking to specialise yourself as a developer? If it's a Yes. I'm giving away my free ebook called "Picking Your Specialisation as a Developer" for anyone interested to command a higher salary or do the work that you like.

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