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s/listen/read for me since I don't like video when it comes to technical subjects.

That being said, personally I'm a "read and code" type of guy. And once I feel comfortable with whatever tech I'm learning, I try to detach from the online material and figure out things by myself, using the material only as a reference when needed.


Code stuff immediately! While you're watching the course, code alongside to soak up as much as possible. Or, alternatively, watch the video once to understand what's going on, then rewatch it to code alongside the teacher.

I've been teaching for a while, both online and in person, and this is a key technique I tell all my students. There's no point in watching me code something if you don't do it yourself.


I prefer to listen/read. And Then right after I tend to go build my own idea. To solidify my knowledge. This way I am actually retaining what it is Iam learning. And I can then keep building my skills up.


I prefer listening to tech stuff. I have a whole bunch of podcasts that I am subscibed to. I listen to these while driving to/from work, which a one hour ride, so time enough to listen

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