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Hello everyone, my name is Stefan and this is my first post on Dev! I am currently a M.S. student at Penn State University pursuing my degree in Informatics with a focus on data and information visualization. I graduated from Penn State in May 2019 with a B.S. in Security and Risk Analysis. While I may not be a developer by trade, I am always looking to explore different topics, issues and technologies as a way to develop a wide knowledge base about the world around me or to incorporate different ideas into my own work.

In my next few posts, I hope to provide a glimpse into the projects I have been working on. I believe that reflecting on and putting the successes and struggles I encounter into writing will be a useful exercise in developing my own thoughts.

I’m looking forward to meeting and interacting with the diverse group of individuals on the Dev platform, feel free to say hi!


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Ben Halpern

Great to have you