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Coder’s Block

Coding is an art. I don’t mean just the design. The way you design your schemas, create APIs, and write the code for the front-end. There’s an imprint of the creator. If you spend enough time with someone and see their code you can get an understanding of how they write code and see their personality expressed in the code they create.

Currently, I’m having Coder’s Block. Going through Flatiron School provided challenges and time restraints. I was still in control of what kind of projects I created. However, that pressure and what felt like impossible timelines, didn’t leave space for anything except creating and building.

There’s no shortage of app ideas, tutorials, etc. None of those are the problem, ideas are plenty. If you give me enough time, I could fill that time discussing my own. However, what’s missing is the drive to code again. Holding the weight of personal and world issues is a heavy burden. This burden is usually eased by coding. I can code (with music) and for that time not be concerned with the outside world, just the code. Building something.

So, where do I turn when I have Coder’s Block? Movies? Music? I tried, it just didn’t cut through. It’s one feeling to consume art and another level to create art. The science backs it up. This is your brain creating art:

Your Brain on Art

Tl;dr Your brain likes art. And so does mine. I miss creating. I miss learning. I believe I’ll get back to it.

Until then, music will stay on rotation and I’ll continue to take in inspiration. And give myself space to feel and focus on gratitude. I’m grateful to have more tools to create. And for the little victories every day.

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