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Master to Main - Improving Inclusivity on Github

Master to Main - A web app to show you any public repositories with the default branch set as "master" for a given User or Organization.

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I've been meaning to brush up on React and the usage of Hooks, so I took the opportunity to make a meaningful (and IMO a USEFUL) app. If you are like me, you likely have a LOT of repositories on Github that you haven't touched in a minute and swear you'll come back to it (🙄 sure you will). A lot of these repos were likely created pre-"Github moving to default branch of main on new repos" and thus have a default branch of "master". A small step to increasing inclusivity in our industry is to ditch the insensitive and distasteful use of terms like "master" and "slave" (among others) and rename your default branch! This app should hopefully make that process a bit easier by giving you a list of repos that need updated.

The app is built using React and utilizes the React Semantic UI components to build the UI. I'm pretty happy with it overall, and it still has some improvements to be made - It currently pulls the first 30 public repos, but pagination can be added to pull ALL public repos in one "User Search".

Anyways. I'm not a "Software" developer by trade - So take it easy on me 🥺 I'm always open to feedback and tips on using React and general Front End development.

Thanks for reading!

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