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Andrew Stetsenko
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40 Words to Spice Up Your Developer Resume

Writing a resume that really stands out doesn’t need to be a daunting task.

In one of my previous blog posts, I talked about ways to improve your resume’s bullet points. Here, I’d like to focus on the adjectives that you can use to make your experience descriptions even more attention-grabbing.

Along with the team at CV Compiler, a tech resume analyzer, we perused over 1,000 current vacancies at growing tech companies from around the world. Here’s a list of the modifiers that are used most frequently:

IT Resume “Power” Words

Now, let’s see how you can incorporate these “power” words into your resume to describe the things you’ve done in a more compelling way.

  • Developed automated analysis system from scratch capable of processing 15 million statistical operations per day.
  • Built a highly available, fault-tolerant microservice architecture based on Go, Docker, Kubernetes, gRPC, and GraphQL.
  • Designed and implemented a modular, extendable, and easily maintainable architecture for the overall system.
  • Built and led a team of 7 high-performing software engineers.
  • Self-taught software engineer with 5+ years of experience developing robust Spring-based Java back-end applications for high-volume businesses.
  • Led the development of XYZ’s scalable team messaging/collaboration platform for asynchronous communications.
  • Refactored large legacy application into reusable architecture.
  • Designed a distributed system for interactive analysis of large-scale datasets.
  • Developed a 100% automated scoring system for evaluating incoming resumes.
  • Set up highly available, fault-tolerant infrastructure using AWS.
  • Implemented Solr cluster for near real-time search, resulting in a 20% reduction in search time.

For these adjectives to be effective, combine them with strong action verbs and numbers, as in the examples above.

Hopefully, this quick, practical guide will give you the boost/inspiration you need to spice up your resume.

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