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Andrew Stetsenko
Andrew Stetsenko

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7 Tech Companies in Amsterdam to Get Hired as a Foreigner

So, if the decision to change your life and land one of the IT jobs that offer relocation to the Netherlands is already taken, now is the time for action. In this article, we’ve put together a list of companies in Amsterdam that hire internationally and have job openings for IT professionals with different levels of expertise and skill sets—from full stack engineers to mobile app developers. Let’s have a look.

  • One of the world’s leading travel tech companies
  • 17,000+ employees from around the globe
  • A fast-paced, performance-driven culture

Introductory words are superfluous when it comes to If you’d like to contribute to the development of a high scale, complex, world-renowned product that is making an impact on people’s lives, you should totally consider this company as your next place to work! Here you will find a huge list of its open software engineering positions in Europe (mainly in Amsterdam) and a handful of developer roles in Asia.


  • A leading global trading firm driven by technology
  • 1,000 employees globally
  • Offices on four continents
  • A collaborative and innovative working environment

“Technologists at Optiver work hard, think creatively, and engineer rigorous solutions that make an immediate impact.” If this sounds like your perfect place to work, take a moment to check out its career page. The company currently offers a variety of IT jobs in the Netherlands, including Software Engineer positions.


  • A digital service provider for the world’s leading brands
  • 9 offices in 3 countries
  • 200+ employees of 40+ different nationalities (and that’s just in Amsterdam)
  • 10+ million users served every day

If you’re searching for an Amsterdam-based company that can offer a challenging learning environment, cool creative and innovative projects to work on, and comprehensive relocation support, this is it. Mobiquity currently has open positions for mobile developers (Android/iOS), DevOps engineers, solution architects, designers, Java engineers, to name but a few. One of them might be a great fit for you.


  • Europe’s fastest-growing auction platform
  • 19 million visitors per month
  • 50,000 lots sold every week

If you’re looking to join a truly diverse and international team, with plenty of opportunities for growth, consider applying for a job at Catawiki. The company currently has 60+ job vacancies available, 17 of which are for IT specialists (Ruby on Rails developers, QA engineers, Android developers, front-end engineers, etc.).


  • A cloud communications platform
  • Serves 15,000 businesses worldwide
  • A world-class team of over 20 nationalities
  • Raised funding: $60M

Whether you’re a software developer, database administrator, or product designer, you have a chance to become part of MessageBird’s passionate and ambitious team in the Netherlands and jointly revolutionize the way the world communicates. Check the list to see if any of the currently available designer and engineering positions in Amsterdam is right up your alley.


  • Data management platform with integrated AI and Orchestration
  • Used on over 600 websites
  • 25+ nationalities in a team
  • Data-driven culture

If you enjoy working in a dynamic startup environment, then Relay42, an Amsterdam-based software startup working to transform the world of marketing technology, is the place to fulfill your career ambitions. At the moment, there’s a Senior Software Engineer (Java) position available in Amsterdam. Check it out to see if it is one you’ve been looking for.


  • File-sharing platform and tools for creatives
  • Over 1 billion files sent every month
  • 60 million users in 195 countries

Want to work for a fast-growing, always evolving company? Then WeTransfer is the company for you. Founded in 2009 as a service for sending big files around the world, the company has grown quickly and now can boast a host of tools for the creative community. If you’re interested in developing products that will be used by millions, make sure to have a look at its current job openings in Amsterdam, ranging from Data Engineer (Tech Lead) to Product Manager.

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Kuba STX

Really neat list. Though a bit dated, I still think that anyone who's interested in moving to Amsterdam as a person with a background in the IT industry should definitely take a look into all of the companies which are mentioned here. By the way, my colleagues have written an article the other day about some Dutch tech companies which will definitely be worth one's attention in the upcoming year. Take a look, you will not regret it:

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Hi Andrew!

Interesting article so, this companies are able to sponsor visa from Latin American countries?

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Andrew Stetsenko


sjamilla profile image

Awesome, thanks for featuring WeTransfer Andrew!

Get in touch with me if you are interested in some of our roles, I'd be happy to share some info :)

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Matt Curcio

Hey Andrew,
Great article but I would not like to work for Mobiquity when they have 'SEVERED' over 10 million / day. The place must be bloody awful. Lol ;)

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