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8 Tech Companies in Berlin to Get Hired as a Foreigner

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Are you looking for an opportunity to relocate to Berlin and get hired as a software developer there? To help you find your dream IT job in Germany, we’ve compiled a list of Berlin-based employers who hire tech talent from abroad. Let’s dive in.


Industries: eCommerce, Fashion
Company size: 10,001+ employees
Monthly website visits: 350 million
Net revenue: €6.5 billion in 2019

As Zalando’s motto says, “You’re not building for 20 million users. You’re building for one—20 million times.” If this reflects on your mission too, joining Zalando’s team might be exactly what you need. Being one of the leading fashion retailers in Europe, the company strives to be cutting edge in all spheres and to make sure its product hits the right notes with its users. As of today, the platform has over 30 million active customers in 17 countries. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? The company currently has a number of interesting senior-level IT job openings in Berlin, including Senior Front-end Engineer, Senior Java Engineer, Senior Python Developer, and Senior Full Stack Engineer roles. Seize the opportunity and apply!


Industries: FinTech, Mobile Banking
Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees
Total funding amount: over €620 million
Monthly transaction volume: €2 billion

Working at N26 will appeal to those of you who like the idea of integrating technology with the banking system and making the way of managing finances possible at a single tap in the app, with no hidden fees or paperwork required. The company has recently crossed the mark of 5 million customers across 25 European countries and is planning to further consolidate its market position by attracting the best (tech) talent from around the globe. If you want to become part of N26’s team, now is your chance. At the moment, the company has a range of IT positions open, from Mid-Level Mobile App Developer (Android/iOS) to Senior Software Engineer and Tech Lead.


Industries: eCommerce, Food Tech
Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees
Number of active customers: 2.6 million
Total amount of funding raised: over €320 million

HelloFresh is a global provider of fresh food that delivers healthy food right to your doorstep. They connect hundreds of people at the dinner table and help make the transition to eating healthily easy for everyone by providing them with high-quality and carefully planned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes. If you’re looking to work with a modern tech stack in a fast-growing and agile environment, consider joining this company. Senior Back-end Engineer (Python), Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Platform Engineer (DevOps), Senior QA Engineer, and Engineering Manager are just some of the IT vacancies in Berlin that HelloFresh has currently available.


Industries: Public Transportation, Travel
Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees
Number of customers: 62 million passengers (in 2019 alone)

The major achievements of FlixBus include establishing one of the largest long-distance bus networks in Europe and providing people with a convenient, affordable, and, more importantly, environmentally-friendly way of traveling. The unique feature of FlixBus is that it combines a technology startup, an e-commerce platform and a classic transportation company, making it an attractive workplace for software developers as well as other IT specialists looking for a way to challenge themselves. If this sounds interesting to you too, then you’ll be glad to know that FlixBus offers a dozen tech jobs in Berlin that you can apply for right now. Here you can also find software engineering positions in Munich and Nuremberg.


Industries: FinTech, Banking
Company size: 51-200 employees
Number of customers: 240,000+
Number of partner banks: 80+
Total amount of funding raised: $200 million

Founded in 2013, Raisin has managed to become one of Europe’s top fintechs and a leading pan-European online marketplace for savings and investments. The platform gives access to an ever-growing range of exclusive savings products from all over Europe. If you’d like to contribute to Raisin’s vision, ‘savings and investments without barriers’, click here to see the list of its current IT jobs in Berlin.


Industry: FinTech
Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees
Number of transactions per day: 1,000,000
Valuation: $5.5 billion

Klarna was founded in 2005 with the aim to make online payments smooth and safe. Today, it’s a fully licensed bank with 85 million consumers, over 200,000 merchant partners and a rapidly growing engineering team. Be sure to check out its current IT vacancies in Berlin: Data Engineer (Python), Engineering Manager (JavaScript), Java Software Engineer, SRE, and others.

Auto1 Group

Industry: Automotive
Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees
Revenue: €2.9 billion in 2018

Auto1.com is Europe’s leading B2B online marketplace for used cars. It’s used by over 60,000 professional partners across 30 European countries for seamless and efficient online trade of second-hand vehicles. Besides Auto1.com, the company also owns such well-known brands as wirkaufendeinauto.de and Autohero. If you want to be part of Auto1 Group, head over to its careers page—there are a slew of programming jobs with relocation to Berlin. (The company offers comprehensive relocation support, which includes visa assistance, apartment search, and refund of moving costs.)


Industry: eCommerce
Company size: 201-500 employees
Number of monthly users: 25 million

Since 2008, Bonial has been working on creating innovative products for retailers. Over 1,500 brands and retailers rely on their data-driven solutions to market their offerings digitally and expand their customer reach. Diversity, an open atmosphere, the space to grow both personally and professionally… These are just some of the ‘perks’ of joining Bonial. This link will take you to the list of its current tech job openings: Data Engineer, Senior Python Engineer, Product Owner, System Engineer, to name a few.


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Tilman Hausherr

You might want to mention the downsides... (besides the difficulty to find an apartment in the city)

Zalando: hat rats last year (morgenpost.de/berlin/article226477...), has been criticized for STASI-like methods (morgenpost.de/berlin/article227699...), does not (or did not) have a collective bargaining contract (businessinsider.de/better-capitali...)

N26: had huge problems last year, people having their accounts locked and no phone support. (spiegel.de/wirtschaft/service/prob...) I suspect that their IT is worse than the one of Deutsche Bank.

FlixBus: this is a bus transport company. The real question is how long will they survive with no transports. The good thing is that they don't own the buses, these are external contractors. They have a very good business model.

Raisin: this is better known here as weltsparen.de. This is a fintech that allows people to save money in banks mostly in financially less strong countries (Malta, Portugal, Bulgaria, etc). The real question is whether there is any future in this business model considering the current situation.

Klarna: nothing bad to say :-) Their business model makes sense.

Auto1: poor reputation. Enter "wirkaufendeinauto" and an "angry" german word to see see what people have to tell.

Bonial: never heard of them (I searched, their "known" name is "Kaufda"). Note that "diversity" doesn't mean it's a "woke" company that wants to "give visibility to underrepresented groups", it means that for whatever reason, they couldn't find local folks. Local folks are used to high payment and they know their rights. That's why low paid jobs like cleaning, truck driving and construction have a high "diversity".

Always have a look at kununu.com/ to see what others have to say. Also check the address of the workplace. If the address is in the former east, I suggest to avoid this if you're non white - the risk of having problems is higher, especially late at night. The former west is safe. The workplace address should be not too far from a "U-Bahn" (subway) or "S-Bahn" (city train). Ask how people work - do they have a huge common space ("Grossraumbüro"), or offices with a small amount of people (up to 4)? How much holiday? Good companies offer 30 days. Also google the company with the word "Betriebsrat". Good companies have one, that will take care that workers are treated fairly.