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First-time experience with Digital Ocean from Shared Hosting Environment

Starting a server has never been easier until now with the days of cloud computing on the horizon. Finding a need to push more performance for better price, shared hosting may be left behind or will it?

After purchasing a domain name and moving along the commonly followed steps in any hosting service like Host Gator, GoDaddy or Bluehost an average user (Developer) can get a server running within a day. Digital Ocean allows a user to setup a carefully selected instance in less than ten minutes.

In Developer talk (Jargon), "AWS" is shorten for Amazon Web Services and many developers refer to Digital Ocean as "DO". DO interacts with AWS to spin up your DO instances!

DO provides you with great security features. You are asked to immediately
reset your password and setup two-authentication to secure your account. Not only this, you can even connect to google's recently added "Google Authenticator" application for an additional level of security.

Normal firewall settings are found within the profile and can be highly configured for your needs. The overall dashboard experience runs laps around many of the traditional shared hosting sites that are in need of some serious design overhauls. Wink Wink, Hit me up if you want to discuss design suggestions...

Speaking of design, an interesting feature not commonly seen within most shared hosts was DO's metrics section. A great feature for performance buffs. Many sites like Hostgator or goDaddy have pre-installed packages that are one-click setups but you may not have the level of control over the operating system or barebone setup like you do with Digital Ocean.

Creating a truly dreamy setup as a developer is no longer a fantasy. Users of all kinds can enjoy the level of simplicity and advanced features Digital Ocean has to offer.

With that I recommend moving to toward a cloud computing world with us. Give it a go with a Free $10, my treat! Hope you enjoyed this review!

FREE $10

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Shahroz Nawaz

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