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Meteor Impact 2021 this week!

The year has once again come a full circle and we are only a few days away from Meteor Impact!

The schedule has been finalized and the speakers are working hard to polish their talks. Let's take a look on what is new this year and what we are going to see.


Hangout or chill sessions have been super popular last year and they have gotten a bit more time this year. The most popular way to meet people in the Meteor community will take total of 5.5 hours of the conference.

Re-cap sessions are a new extension of recorded talks that happened through the year and will air from the end of the conference on Thursday till Friday. This will give some additional live content to people who can only catch part of the conference live.

Sponsors, this year there are amazing sponsors that have helped to make the conference happen. Please check out AG Data, Vazco and Pathable and give them some love!

Hackathon hosted by Meteor Software is now in full swing featuring teams from around the globe making amazing apps with Meteor. Don't miss the announcements of winners on Friday and check out our additional Hackathon sponsor Scalegrid.


The agenda has been finalized and same as last year there is a feast of topic and interesting sessions waiting for you!

On Thursday the event starts at 2:30AM EDT. Like last year this is morning in Europe and allows people from far-east Asia to join for first half of the event. On Friday we start on 3:00AM EDT. We start with a hangout to meet with people that live in these time zones to connect before moving on to talks.

Following will be showcases from Jan Küster and about his work on CLAIRE and LEA. There are 4 more showcases, most notably from Zodern on Scalint with Meteor Up and about new React Hooks for Meteor.

Mike King will have two workshops about Moving past Meteor Kitchen and Abstraction on top of Uniforms. The last workshop is going to be about using with Meteor to make things like resilient e-mail sending.

As always the majority of talks are done by community. Same as last year we have an overview of Meteor Community Packages and Meteor Community Survey results preview, about improving your security in Meteor app, performance, scaling and many more. Of special highlight is here Why should I use MeteorJS in 2021? from Frederico Maia.

From the core team we have some amazing talks like React suspense and Meteor dynamic imports, Meteor and Mobile continuous delivery or the main keynote from Filipe Névola.

You also shouldn't miss the Hackathon award ceremony to see what amazing projects were build in the last 7 days!

Now, here I have just scratched the surface of what is coming! Check out the full agenda and sign-up for talks that you are interested in. Some talks have limited seating so make sure to create your agenda. 😉

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