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OSD600 - Lab 6 Setting up Telescope and creating a gist

This week in OSD600 Lab, we had to set up the Telescope environment. Then we had to use the Telescope REST API with our Release 0.1 that we had done previously in the semester. After following all the instructions, we had to create a gist.

Setting up Telescope was not as difficult as I had thought. Once Docker was set up I had to open the Power Shell on my laptop and type the command from the Lab 6 instructions in the environment set up guide. I opened Visual studio code and ran Telescope's back end from there. I checked local host 3000 to see if I was getting the right stuff! Then after a few minutes I opened up Bash and typed npm run develop. I held my breath... surely this can't be that simple. It started the process and then stalled partway through. I quit 2 times and restarted before it finally worked. Opened Local host 8000 to confirm everything was up and running. Thank goodness that's over!

Now I needed to take my existing code from that checks URL's and add code to read Telescope's data to get the last 10 posts indexed. After much discussion with a few friends and reading up on node.js I decided to make a function to fetch the data and print it to a text file. After I did that, I tested it. Then I realized that every time I ran my code, it kept adding to the txt file. I used truncate and tested that. For some reason I was over thinking this part of the lab. Combination of fatigue and other outside unavoidable distractions.

Alt Text

After I had finished, I pushed the changes to the branch and created a PR, checked if everything was ok. Copied the changes for creating my gist. Then I merged. Once I created the gist, I was thinking there should be an option on GitHub to copy the diff to a gist. Ambitious maybe?

After all this... Wow! This was pretty cool! I felt pretty proud of myself for the smooth set up and my fiancé said it looked like the matrix on my screen! HAHAHA!

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